Past Events



Recent Developments in Maritime, Transport and Insurance Law

23rd November 2015 – MIS Centre for International Law Studies, hosted yet another valuable seminar on Recent Developments in Maritime, Transport and Insurance Law The purpose of this timely seminar was to discuss current issues of international marine, transport and insurance law. With a focus on international norms. The Seminar speakers proved their incredible reputations of the world’s leading experts and practitioners in marine and transport law.

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Legal Responses to Dust Storm

On the 9th February 2015, MIS has successfully hosted the seminar on Legal Responses to Dust Storm. The Seminar speakers are world class specialists on the topically issue of dust storms and their effects on the environment. The event took place to coincide with this year’s UAE National Environment Day.

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Legal Responses to Vessel Related Oil Pollution Damage

MIS, a Centre for International Law, situated in Dubai Knowledge Village, has once again successfully delivered a well-structured and highly informative seminar. The seminar hosted some internationally well-known scholars in Maritime and Transport law with the title “Legal Responses to Vessel Related Oil Pollution Damage.” Although a particularly specific topic, the event drew in various international lawyers, advocates, general counsels, students, international judges and more…

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Current Issues on International Investment Treaty Arbitration

On the 13th June 2013 MIS welcomed two of the world’s leading experts and practitioners in international investment law and international commercial arbitration, Professor Dr. Kaj Hober & Professor Dr. Rudolf Dolzer to the Dubai Knowledge Village to share with us and our guests their expertese on International Investment Treaty Arbitration, a topic becoming more and more relied upon in these current times in Middle East Regions.

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International Legal Aspects of Cyber Security

December 7th & 8th 2012, MIS held a 2 day seminar on the topic “International Legal Aspects of Cyber Security”. This was an event jointly organised by the Swedish Law and Informatics Research Institute (IRI), the Department of International Law at Stockholm University and the MIS.

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MIS Open to the public – special guest lecture H.E. Judge Koroma

MIS – A Centre for International Legal Studies – Opens its doors to the public in Dubai 2012

A special guest lecture by H.E Judge Koroma from the International Court of Justice on “Respecting International Law and the International Court of Human Rights”.

The evening  began with the MIS Founder, Mr Sirous Motevassel (CEO Carib International) welcoming the guests and speakers from across the globe with a particular focus on the Middle East, amongst them were some of the region’s top Lawyers, Academics, Local Ambassadors, Students and those keen to hear more about the Centre’s activities.

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Seminars in Iran


  • New Trends in International Law Norm-Building

On the 6th October 2016, MIS held a Seminar on Development of Standard Setting in Contemporary International in its Tehran Branch. Lectures were given by Dr. Said Mahmoudi, Dr. Mohsen Abdollahi, and H.E. Judge Koroma. The seminar was ended with a question and answer session.

The lectures Include:

H.E. Judge Koroma- Sources of International Law in the Practice of ICJ

Dr. Mohsen Abdollahi- Soft Law and softness in International Law

Dr. Said Mahmoudi- How Binding are International Standards?


  • Counter-Terrorism in International Law: Challenges of Ratification of a Comprehensive Convention on Counter-Terrorism in General Assembly

This Seminar was held In MIS (Tehran Branch of a Centre for Modern International Law Studies), on 5th December 2016, with honorable Dr. Jamshid Momtaz giving the lecture. 


  • Issues Concerning Joint Comprehensive plan of Action(JCPOA)

With cooperation between MIS and Shiraz University, This Session was held at Shiraz University on 24th April 2017.

The keynote speaker of this session, Dr. Mahmoudi, elaborated on the essence and nature of JCPOA in international law and addresses some main issues on the subject.


  • Understanding International Law through Simulating International Courts

This session was held on 24th May 2017, with the presence of Dr. Sadat Meidani and the expedition team of The School of International Relation, for Manfred Lachs Moot Court.

In this session, the importance of practical methods in learning International Law was noted and also the process of preparing for International Moot Court Competitions was mentioned.


  • Iran’s Perspective on Current Issues of International Law

This Seminar was held by MIS on 10th October 2017 in Tehran Branch of MIS. The seminar included lectures from and discussion between Dr. Jamshid Momtaz and Dr. Said Mahmoudi, on controversial issues of International Law.

Given the recent developments with respect to the referendums in Iraqi Kurdistan and Catalonia(Spain), for this seminar, professors Momtaz and Mahmoudi have agreed to focus primarily on the right to self-determination in International Law. They would also like to address issues relating to the delimitation of maritime zones in the Persian Gulf, including issues relating to exploitation of shared natural resources, military activities and passage of warships as well as issues relating to adoption of a new convention on prohibition of nuclear weapons.

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Jessup National Round 2018

Modern International Study sponsored the national round of the Philip C. Jessup 2018 Moot Court Competition and had proudly hosted these competitions in the MIS’ Tehran branch.

In the course of this competition, 5 teams from Shahid Beheshti University, Science and Research Branch of Islamic Azad University, Mofid University, College of Farabi of University of Tehran competed in 3 preliminary and one final rounds in the presence of 10 judges.

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TEHRAN – Water Security

On 6 May 2018 MIS held a seminar on “Water security from International Law Perspective” with the presence of notable professors, researchers and other interested participants.

Following an Article Writing Competition on the same subject organized by MIS, this seminar was held to provide an opportunity for researchers to be able to present their articles and benefit from valuable comments of judges of the competition and notable professors in the related field.

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SHIRAZ – Investment Arbitration

The Workshop on Commercial Arbitration and Foreign Investment was held in May 2018 at the International Campus of Shiraz University. This workshop was a two-days event, jointly organized by MIS and Legal and Advisory Clinic of Shiraz University.  The lecturers who taught the related syllabuses were Dr. Motevassel, Dr. Mandegar, Dr. Zamani and Dr. Habibi, with the presence of our special guest, H.E. Judge Koroma.

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Jessup Summer School

On the dates of 2-6 September 2018, Modern International Study held its 1st summer school with the theme of the Phillip C. Jessup Moot Court Competition. This 6-day summer school was organized in order to equip students willing to take part in the Jessup Competition with necessary abilities and skills for a more effective participation in international moot court competitions.

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Arbitration Workshop

On 25th September 2018, MIS held an 8-Hour Workshop on Arbitration and Foreign Investment.

comprehensive syllabus was considered for this workshop and highly qualified experts with both academic and professional experience on these subjects were invited as lecturers.

lecturers of this Workshop were: Dr. Hamide Barmakhshad, Dr. Ali Moghadam Abrishami, Dr. Behazin Hasibi and Dr. Pouria Askary.

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 Jessup National Round 2019

On 20&21 January 2019, MIS held the Jessup 2019- Iranian Qualifying Round in the MIS Tehran office. This competition was organized in collaboration with the Iran’s National Administrator of International Law Students Association (ILSA), Mr. Anoshiravan Naderi.

This year’s national round was the biggest and most competitive Jessup competition in Iran since 2014, with the presence of 32 judges for the oral rounds and memorials and 9 participating teams.

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