The Middle East and North Africa have been in the centre of the attention of the world in recent years. The States of this geographical area have through their practice influenced the developments in many fields of international law. They have been at the same time influenced by the rapid developments that are taking place in various fields of international law such as the legal protection of the environment, international economic law, the law on the use of force, and the law of the sea. The Centre will both initiate research and accept research assignments on all topical international law issues that may be of interest to the countries that are the primary targets of the Centre activities. Publication of the Centre-initiated reports is also an important part of the activities.

Click the below links to view some of the papers and research done by MIS participants

Professor Joahan Schelin – Marine Pollution and the IMO

Professor Henrick Ringbom – Implementation of International Marine Pollution Rules at National Level – European Perspective

Establishment of liability for vessel source pollution – Dr Said Mahmoudi

Professor Dr Kaj Hober – Arbitration Under International Investment Agreements

Professor Dr Kaj Hober – International Investment Law

Professor Dr Kaj Hober – The Journal of Investment and Trade

Dr Said Mahmoudi - International Legal Aspects of Cyber Security

Professor Peter Wahlgren Law and Informatics perspective

Professor Pal Wrange Cyber Security espionage counterterrorism intervention

Professor Ola Engdahl Cyber War and Public International Law Applicability of jus in bello

Professor Maeve Dion Technical  operational constructs

Liane Colonna – Data Mining

Liane Colonna – Balancing Electronic Surveillance and Cyber Security

Dr Ove Bring – JUS AD BELLUM in Cyberwarfare