About us

The Modern International Study (MIS) was established as a non-governmental, non-political Centre for International Law Studies in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 2011.

International law, perhaps more than any other scientific discipline, is global in nature. Although once the product of the practice of the Western countries, it is today a truly international system characterized by the active participation of all the countries of the world and other international actors.

Despite this all-embracing feature, the greater part of the research on international law is being carried out in Europe and North America. Also, the majority of academic events, training courses and scientific meetings relating to international law take place in Western countries.

The reason is by no means lack of interest or necessary resources in other parts of the world. What is missing is initiatives to create focal points where all with interest in international law can come together. The establishment of the Modern International Study is a step towards realizing the wish to facilitate contacts between international law students and scholars of the region and to enhance understanding of the international perceptions of the countries in the Middle East and North Africa – the MENA countries.

The purpose of the Centre is to promote the research and study of international law with particular focus on issues that are more relevant for the countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The Centre will sponsor research projects, carry out studies, arrange courses and organize international seminars and conferences. Its headquarter is in Dubai Knowledge Village.

Scientific Advisory Board
For its programs during 2012-2013, the Centre has established a scientific advisory board consisting of Dr. Said Mahmoudi, Professor of International Law and former Dean of the Faculty of Law at Stockholm University, Dr. Djamchid Momtaz, Professor Emeritus of International Law and former Chairman of International Law Commission, and Dr. Mohsen Abdollahi, Assistant Professor of International Law, H.E. Judge A Koroma former Judge of the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

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